Do Residential Properties Qualify for Cost Segregation?

Cost segregation is the tax planning strategy that allows investors to reclassify some assets, to shorten the depreciation cycle. Real estate investors leverage this powerful strategy in a variety of scenarios, helping to reduce their short-term tax liability and, as a result, freeing up cash flow. Most types of investment properties qualify for accelerated depreciation, […]

Are Cost Segregation Studies Too Expensive to Justify?

Having a cost segregation analysis performed is the first step to leveraging the complex tax strategy that can unlock a potentially substantial sum of liquidity. Unfortunately, the complexity of the process can make it seem daunting. This has also given rise to a host of myths that surround the process, making many developers and investors […]

Is It Too Late to Take Advantage of the Section 45L Tax Credit?

It is NOT too late to take advantage of the Section 45L tax credit, also known as the energy-efficient home tax credit. This potentially lucrative tax credit has been available since 2005. The availability of the credit was originally set to expire in 2020. Fortunately, federal legislation put through in late 2020 extended the availability […]

Sec 179D: Deduction for Energy Government Building Design

Under the section 179d tax deduction, certain taxpayers – including architects, developers, engineers, and construction companies – can qualify for a deduction of up to $1.80 per square foot for designing or building energy-efficient properties. One of the purposes of this potentially lucrative tax incentive, which was made permanent in late 2020, is to encourage […]